POR FESR, 2014-2020

POR FESR, 2014-2020, AXIS 1 ACTION 1.4.1

“Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative, knowledge-intensive start-ups and research spin-off initiatives”.

Creation of the innovative start-up Orobot srl.

In 2017, thanks to the European funds of the POR FESR, the innovative start-up Orobot srl was created with the aim of developing business with the new generation of social robots with a view to developing Sustainable Living, well-being in living environments.
The funding was provided under the FESR program of the Veneto Region, Axis 1 Research and Innovation, Action 1.4.1 to support the creation and consolidation of innovative start-ups with a high intensity of knowledge application and spinoff research initiatives.

A support of € 15,849.01 was provided for the realization of the project.

For more information, you can visit the dedicated website POR FESR Veneto 2014-2020