Robotics for Covid-19: how can technology be useful in containing the Coronavirus pandemic?

The emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet : even if good news arrives from the vaccine front, the battle fought in hospitals is still ongoing and we all citizens are still called to respect all the rules for the containment of Coronavirus.

Omitech, leader in Italian IT market and, for some years, also active in robotic technologies, immediately took to the field with solutions for companies and public structures useful for dealing with the Covid emergency.

Robotics against Covid-19: robots in the ward

During the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic, Omitech supported the hospitals in an ongoing battle for health. Six Sanbot Elf robots were sent to the Macchi Foundation in Varese (Italy) with the mission of supporting hospital staff.   Omitech robots were ready to welcome visitors at the entrance of the exhibition “Robot, The Human Project”, set up at MUDEC in Milan and about to be inaugurated, when the Covid emergency in March stopped (almost) the entire world.   Just to help hospital staff, Sanbot Elf changed mission: Omitech development team quickly reprogrammed the robots, which were sent to the front line to help doctors and nurses.   The tasks of the robots ranged from monitoring patient parameters (such as heart rate and respiratory rate) to interacting with patients: thanks to the integrated audio components medical staff was able to interact with patients, who could respond, if without an assisted ventilation helmet. This strategy has made it possible to reduce the number of entrances to the rooms of healthcare personnel, lightening the workload and reducing the use of personal protective equipment.    Find out more about Omitech’s robots, read this article

Robotics for Covid-19: Thermoscanner equipment

By now, companies are asked to enforce the rules for the containment of Covid-19 pandemic; one of the most important rule is to stay at home in the presence of fever, over 37.5 ° C. Therefore thermoscanner, an infrared screening device that allows the detection of temperature remotely, becomes a key tool.   The technology behind thermoscanners is not new, on the contrary, it has long been used in the construction sector (to detect the state of deterioration of buildings), military (to allow night vision) and in the medical field (for the diagnosis of cancer breast, through dynamic angiothermography).   The principle on which the thermoscanner is based is thermal radiation: the higher the intensity of the detected radiation, the higher the temperature. The thermoscanner solution offered by Omitech represents a reliable and effective solution for offices and large public spaces, such as stations, supermarkets and hospitals, thanks to the recognition capacity of 50 people per minute.   Our thermoscanner is also able to identify the temperature of people wearing goggles and masks, does not require dedicated personnel (in fact, it emits an acoustic signal based on the temperature detected) and is small in size, as well as being simple to install . Find out more about the Omitech Thermoscanner!

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