Infrared thermal camera: a smart solution with no operator needed

In the contingent socio-economic context, public and private companies are called upon to respect and enforce the containment measures of Covid-19, the global pandemic now widespread in all states of the world. One of the “key” tools for containing the virus is represented by thermal cameras, an infrared screening device that allows the detection of body temperature at distance.

The principle underlying the operation of thermal cameras is thermal radiation: the greater the intensity of the radiation detected, the higher the body temperature.

Are thermal cameras reliable tools?

Not all thermal cameras are the same: it is possible to find them on the market and on the main e-commerce platforms for little money, versions with questionable levels of precision. It is understandable that tools of this type do not have the adequate characteristics for all those professional activities that are in contact with tens of hundreds of people every day. Just think of shopping centers, stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, waiting rooms, counters, gyms, hospitals.

Activities such as those just mentioned are sometimes not equipped with a guard at the entrance and require professional infrared thermal cameras with access control systems and temperature detection of several people on the move.

The professional infrared screening solution designed by Omitech

Omitech thermal cameras represent a convenient and safe solution for offices, airports, stations, large waiting rooms, shopping centers, supermarkets and hospitals.

Omitech thermal cameras identification system uses intelligent technology to detect body temperature. Thanks to a double camera system, the device can boast a recognition capacity of 30 people per minute. The detection of the body temperature of several people comes in a very short time, an enormous advantage in contrasting slowdowns and queues near the entrances.

The temperature measurement response is fast (0.3 seconds) and facial recognition automatically measures the temperature when the person is within 0.5-1.2 meters. Double camera and facial recognition also allow the identification of the temperature of people even when they are wearing eyewear and masks.

The result of temperature measurement reaches an accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees, so precise that it is classified and certified as a medical device.

Omitech infrared screening device is ready for use and does not require dedicated personnel to detect temperature.

Omitech can help your business

Omitech is an Italian company with 20 years of experience in ICT. We are proactive towards new technologies and our mission is to provide real value to the business of our customers.

Contact Omitech for a customized solution and find out more about our company.

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